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ope体育专业-QNU Held the 2019 Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony


On the morning of June 20, Quanzhou Normal University held the 2019 graduation and degree awarding ceremony in Chen Zuchang Auditorium. Among those present were QNU Party Secretary Zhu Shize, President Qu Guangqing and other leaders including Gao Yuncheng, Lin Wei, Chen Yabing, Qiu Yinfu, Yang Xiaoxiang, Huang Jiangkun, together with deans of secondary schools, representatives of various departments, teachers, graduates and their parents. Vice President Yang Xiaoxiang presided over the ceremony.

This year there were 4541 graduates in QNU, including 28 postgraduates and 4513 undergraduates. Diplomas were conferred to the representatives of the graduates by QNU leaders.

President Qu Guangqing on behalf of the university expressed congratulations on the successful graduation of students and thanks to the parents and teachers who had devoted countless efforts. He enumerated the achievements of the graduates in competitions, postgraduate entrance exams, entrepreneurship and other aspects. He was proud of the graduates' diligent work, improvement, and active contributions to the university's overall development. For the students who were about to embark on a new journey in life, Qu Guangqing offered two pieces of advice for them. First, to become successful, they must work hard to make up for their shortcomings and be thoroughly honest. They should maintain a calm and courageous spirit so as to face hardships and challenges. They should be diligent, vigorous, and self-reliant, and shoulder new missions in the new era to serve as pillars among the young generation. Second, to become successful, they must be grateful, kind-hearted and broad-minded. They should always be grateful not only to the parents, teachers, the great motherland and the great times, but also to the difficulties and obstacles when entering the society. They should be ambitious and broaden their careers, pursue their dreams with an open and broad mind, and dedicate themselves for a more powerful motherland and a more prosperous era.

Guo Hongmei from the School of Music and Dance, whose major was Cultural Industry in Music and Promotion of Nanyin Culture, delivered a speech on behalf of the postgraduates at the graduation ceremony.

Lai Tingting from the School of Textile and Apparel, who majored in Fashion Design and Engineering and had passed the postgraduate entrance exam by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, spoke on behalf of the graduates.

Professor Chen Yanling from the School of Literature and Communication, addressed the graduates on behalf of the faculty, wishing them to maintain a healthy body, a positive upward attitude and a high morale, to be kind to themselves, others and nature, to love learning with a searching spirit, to constantly pursue and expand their knowledge, to bravely seek success in career and life value, and to be committed to their ideals.

Ms. Li Hongxia, whose daughter Cui Xiyuan was a graduate of TS School of Business and Information Technology majoring in International Economics and Trade and had been enrolled as a civil servant, spoke on behalf of the parents of the graduates.

At the graduation ceremony, more than 20 postgraduates of fine arts took the lead in singing 'My Motherland and Me'. They stood up, waved the national flags and sang the same song in a chorus of over 1,000 people, pushing the graduation ceremony to a climax.

After that, the degree awarding ceremony of 2019 was held. The QNU leaders and the deans of various schools turned the tassels for all the graduates one by one. (Publicity Office)