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ope体育专业-The Signing and Unveiling Ceremony for the Affiliated High School of QNU


On June 24, the signing and unveiling ceremony for the affiliated high school of Quanzhou Normal university, a university-government cooperation school, was held in Quanzhou No.10 High School. Among those present were QNU leaders including Zhu Shize, Chen Yabing, Qiu Yinfu, Yang Xiaoxiang, and Party Secretary of Fengze District Huang Jingchun, chief of Fengze District Yang Guoxin, vice director of Quanzhou Education Bureau Cai Qiyu, as well as  other  leaders. The ceremony was presided over by Qiu Chaoyang, vice chief of Fengze District.

Yang Xiaoxiang and Zeng Guojia signed the agreement.

Then, Zhu Shize, Huang Jingchun, Yang Guoxin and Cai Qiyu together unveiled the Affiliated High School of QNU.

In his address Qiu Chaoyang said Quanzhou Normal University enjoys rich experience on teaching, research and talent cultivation for basic education. The establishment of its own affiliated high school is an important achievement of university–government cooperation, an important action to deepen comprehensive education reform and to carry forward education, and a milestone in the history of QNU. He hoped that the affiliated high school could make the best of the university’s management experience and educational ideas, and comprehensively enhance substantial construction in subject research, teaching, student development and school culture, so as to build an excellent education brand, to rank among prestigious public schools, and to take the lead in improving high school education in Fengze District.

The QNU affiliated high school was originally named Quanzhou No. 10 High School, a provincial-level standard junior high school located in the new city center. It was founded in 1997, covering nearly 20,000 , with a construction area of 17,229.  Currently there are 30 classes and 1586 students. It has been awarded as “Fujian Compulsory Education Management Standardization School”, “Fujian Education Reform Demonstration School” and “Quanzhou Civilized School”.

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