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ope体育专业-The Awarding Ceremony of Fujian May 1st Labor Medal & May 1st Pioneer Unit Held at QNU


On March 27, the awarding ceremony of Fujian May 1st Labor Medal and May 1st Pioneer Unit was held at the Administration Building of QNU. Mr. Guo Lixin, director of the working committee of Fujian Trade Unions of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports (TUESCHS), Mr. Zhu Yimin, investigator of Fujian TUESCHS, and Ms. Yu Ying, vice president of Quanzhou Education Trade Union attended the ceremony.The awarding ceremony was presided over by Mr. Gao Yuncheng, vice Party Secretary of CPC Committee of QNU, with the attendance of leaders and representatives from QNU Labor Union, the Office of Academic Affairs, and the School of Ocean and Food Science.

Before the ceremony, accompanied by Mr. Zhu Shize, Mr. Qu Guangqing and Mr. Gao Yuncheng, the group headed by Mr. Guo Lixin visited the Exhibition of School History and Culture, and Fujian Engineering Research Center for Environment Friendly Shoe Materials , and viewed some clips of Nanyin teaching at the School of Music and Dance.

Mr. Guo expressed his appreciation for the university's excellent achievements under the leadership of the new leading group. He praised Ms. Ke Jiaying, who won glory for all Fujian’s universities and colleges by winning the first prize in the 4th National Teaching Competition for Young College Teachers, for her excellent performance and breakthrough achievement. He also highly recognized QNU for the brilliant job of selecting and organizing young teachers to attend the provincial and national teaching competitions.

He hopes that the engagement and influence of the teaching competition can be further enhanced at QNU by encouraging more active participation and improving the motivation system. Suggested by Mr. Guo, the competition should be integrated into the teaching management of the school, and combined with the teaching management, in order to provide more chances for further achievements in the next competition held in 2020. He also gave guidance and suggestions on the establishment of the Staff Home, the using of funds, as well as the carry-out of activities.

At the ceremony, Ms. Ke Jiaying, winner of Fujian May 1st Labor Medal and the Honor of Fujian May 1st Model Female, shared her personal feelings and experience of participating in the competition. Reports on the work of promoting and organizingthe teaching competition were also presented at the ceremony by leaders from the Office of Academic Affairs and the School of Ocean and Food Science, both are honored as “Fujian May 1st Pioneer Unit”.

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